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Space news summaries and links to space news articles published throughout the web, updated daily.
Keywords: astronomy, commercialization, iss, launches, mir, planetary science, shuttle, space science, spacecraft, technology
Listed under: Space In Pursuit Of Sacred Science,
The Jatakamala (Garland of Birth Stories): The Story of Visvantara
Keywords: angkor wat, astronomy, calendar, cubit in cambodia, eleanor mannikka, maharaja of zabag, malay peninsula, sailendra
Listed under: Astroarchaeology Astronomy Shetland
Virtual astronomy club. Includes sky data, links and weather.
Keywords: astronomy, shetland
Listed under: Hobby Interests History Of Science
Academic journals in history of science
Keywords: astronomy, history, science
Listed under: History of Science Association Of Universities For Research In ...
Convention of universities and other institutions that operate astronomical observatories. Presents astronomical data and resources.
Listed under: Astronomy About The Sciences And The Philosopy Of Science. ...
Providing links for science, astronomy, biology, chemistry, electronics, medicine, meteorology, oceanography,physics and space.
Keywords: astronomy, biology, chemistry, meaning of science, meteorology, oceanography, philosophy of science, science
Listed under: Meteorology Asp: National Astronomy Education Projects
The Astronomical Society of the Pacific is an international nonprofit scientific and educational organization founded in 1889 that works to increase understanding and app...
Keywords: asp, astro society, astronomer, astronomical society, astronomical society of the pacific, astronomy, astrosociety
Listed under: Astronomy Astronomy In Your Hands
Includes a collection of hands-on astronomy activities for classroom and home. A feature is the downloadable star wheel with a version available for every latitude on Ear...
Listed under: Astronomy Cosmobrain Astronomy And Astrophysics - The Astronomy ...
Online Astronomy Portal since 1997. Phases of the Moon, Astronomical Calendar, Astrolinks, Bookstore, Stars, and much more information.
Keywords: astronomy, astrophysics, constellations, cosmobrain, mars, moon, orion, planet, solar system, star, stars, telescope
Listed under: Astronomy Your Insight Into The Sky And Astronomy
Astromomy resources for amateur astronomers and astronomy. The Astronomy Search Tool with over half-a-million messages.
Keywords: astronomy, celestron, comet machholz, jupiter, losmandy, meade, moon, orion, phil harrington, roboscope, telescope
Listed under: Amateur Astronomy Astronomy Forum
Message boards to ask questions or offer advice.
Listed under: Amateur Astronomy The Usno Astrometry Department
The Astrometry Department of the U.S. Naval Observatory is responsible for the determination of fundamental positions, motions and distances of selected celestial obje...
Keywords: astrometry, astronomy, department of defense, dod, full-sky astrometric mapping explorer, navy, u.s. government, ucac, wds
Listed under: Stars Lacaille And His Catalog Of Clusters And Nebulae
A discussion of Lacaille's catalog, which is mainly of historical interest. Includes the catalog itself.
Keywords: astronomer, astronomy, discoverer, history of astronomy, lacaille, lacaille catalog, messier, nicholas louis de lacaille
Listed under: Star Clusters Skyandtelescope.Com
Sky & Telescope, the Essential Magazine of Astronomy. News, observing tips, how-to advice, and more!
Keywords: amateur astronomy, astronomy, astronomy magazines, magazine, sky, sky &, sky and telescope, telescope, telescope, telescopes
Listed under: Publications Amateur Astronomy Magazine
Amateur Astronomy Magazine, news for, by and about amateur astronomers around the world
Keywords: amateur, astroimaging, astronomy, astrophotography, making, parties, star, telescope
Listed under: Publications

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