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The philosophy of religion demystified. Explores arguments for and against theism, atheism and agnosticism, including the classic proofs and disproofs of God's existence.
Keywords: argument, atheism, christian, existence, god, philosophy, religion, theism
Listed under: Philosophy of religion Hope For Healing
Hope for rape recovery help and info page provides help for recovery. We understand the needs of sexual assault and rape victims. Here, you will find informat...
Keywords: abuse, christian, domestic violence, healing, rape recovery, recovery from rape, restorative justice, sexual assault
Listed under: Support Groups Christian Police Association
National Association of Christian Police Officers and Support Staff
Keywords: christian
Listed under: Religious Authentic Walk Ministries
Authentic Walk Ministries offers a free online discipleship course to help us overcome temptation and know God more.
Keywords: christian, course, discipleship, free, online, sanctification, spiritual formation, spiritual growth, sunday school
Listed under: Christian Living Did Bible Writers Believe The Earth Was Flat? - ...
Discussion about the Biblical evidence seeming to show that the earth is flat.
Keywords: ancient, apologetics, bible, christian, flat earth, flat earth society, four corners of the earth, globe, science
Listed under: Flat Earth Simon Weston Ministry
A straight forward and uncompromising message of God's love, through His Son Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. simon weston ministry hosted by OverBlog
Keywords: bible, born, christ, christian, faith, forgive, god, heart, jesus, life, lord, love, prayer, salvation, saviour, sin
Listed under: Religion and Spirituality Mike &Amp; Brenda Christian’S Pitcairn Island Web Site
Provides information on products including honey and wood carvings.
Listed under: Pitcairn Islands Ironfriend
Ironfriend is perspective changing resource on daily challenges and a fountainhead of biblical inspiration for those who would reigh in life through the power of their ow...
Keywords: addiction, christian, diet, faith, god, healing, inspiration, jesus, love, meditation, ministry, prayer, weight, worship
Listed under: Religion and Spirituality New Christian Voices
When faith and life meet, funny things can happen! Christian humor and commentary that inspires and entertains.
Listed under: Religion Christian Jujitsu Association
Site provides an overview of the association, information om membership, pictures, contacts, and related links.
Listed under: Christian Christian Martial Arts Network
The Christian Martial Arts Network is your source for Christian martial arts and Christian karate information and resources.
Listed under: Christian Love Cross Stitching Uk
I love to cross stitch, I have been stitching for the past 20 years and designing for 10 years. This blog is dedicated to all things cross stitch!! Free and pay per down...
Keywords: bible, christian, cross stitch, learn to stitch, patterns, twilight
Listed under: Needlework Private Military Chaplain Pmc
We are warriors for Christ, blood bought on the battlefield of faith.
Keywords: christian, contractor, islam, military, peace, private, security, war
Listed under: Warfare and Conflict Libaw : Real Life In Christ
We must reveal the truth of the Gospel to the lost. This is our mission at Living in Black and White!
Keywords: black, christian, in, libaw, living, network, social, white
Listed under: Religious Club Recap
A blog about our weekly adventures at Young Life Club in Albany, Oregon.
Keywords: christian, christianity, teen, video, young life, younglife
Listed under: Volunteering and Service

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