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A blog about humour's around the world
Keywords: humour, top list
Listed under: Stories Silvio's Crap Job's
A blog about the human condition whilst carrying out various mundane tasks, in order to survive, and yet at the same time be able to walk away smiling, and continue to th...
Keywords: blog, boss, construction work, courier, crap job, germany, hard work, hotel work, humour, stress, work, work abroad
Listed under: Work-Related Humor Tales Of Pc Bear
These are the tales of a UK police officer writing blogs under the pen name PC Bear. These are all stories that actually occured even though names and places have been ch...
Keywords: blog, copper, funny, humour, pc, police, stories, uk
Listed under: Law Enforcement Heart Of Expression
my personal collection of poems and poetry which i started writing february 2011 there are 150 poems covering love ,romance, life ,death,9/11 the world we live in, humour...
Keywords: 9/11/ people of wooten basset, death, history, humour, life, love, romance, valentines, visions, world we live in today
Listed under: Poetry Uncle Jazztits Wonder Emporium
A range of discounted chinese memories
Keywords: comedy blog, drawings, funny, humor, humour, weird pictures
Listed under: Weird Graphics The Speed Of Dark
The Speed Of Dark Blog. Totally unclassifiable. This blog defies the second law of thermodynamics. It started out with maximum disorder and therefore cannot succumb to en...
Keywords: aphorisms, comment, humour, lyrics, music, poems, politics, quotes, short stories, talking points
Listed under: Humor Pig In A Wig Crying
Pig In A Wig Crying is a blog written by a pig, in a wig that cries. How can a pig write a blog? It�s not easy, it involves winches and pullies, but it is possible.
Keywords: art, blog, comedy, crying, entertainment, humour, in, life, music, pig, street, video, wig
Listed under: Public Art Ryanesq
Musings on life, business, technology, urban exploring politics and yes life..................
Keywords: derelict, humour, interest, lifestyle, politics, technology, urban exploring
Listed under: Lifestyle Choices Pearls Of Wisdom
Where Logic and Reason come to die. If ever a voice needed to be heard, it's not this one. Whenever crime and injustice takes place, I won't be near, but rest assured I w...
Keywords: humour, issues, logic, news, opinion, rants, world
Listed under: Global The Missing Weekend
The Missing Weekend is the observations and ramblings of one dafjones13
Keywords: entertainment, humour
Listed under: Personal Pages Expat Mom In Usa
Les aventures d'une famille expatri�e aux USA. Une maman d�bord�e, des enfants d�cha�n�s, un papa surbook�. Bref le quotidien hauts en couleurs d'expats san...
Keywords: enfants, etats-unis, expat, expatriate, expatriés, famille, france, guide, humour, maman, mom, quotidien, usa
Listed under: World Cultures Pudding Pie Lane
A blog originally made to follow my baking experience through the Green & Black's cookbook. It is now a food blog that I update with recipes, humorous articles (mostly on...
Keywords: chocolate, humour, student cooking
Listed under: Humor Library Humour
IFLA collection of library humour
Keywords: library
Listed under: Humor Improbable Research
The Annals of Improbable Research -- also known as AIR -- is a science humor magazine. We administer the Ig Nobel Prizes, given each year for achievements that make peopl...
Keywords: hot air, hotair, hot-air, humor, humour, ig nobel, ignobel, ig-nobel, science, science humor, science humour
Listed under: Science Sellmybooks | Just Another Wordpress.Com ...
A blog about the trials and tribulations of an author trying to sell his books
Keywords: books, humour
Listed under: British Literature

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