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Learning how to naturally combine metaphysics and God into a beautiful way of living
Keywords: affirmations, character defects, god, law of attraction, metaphysics, new thought, universal principles
Listed under: Metaphysics Undecimus
The greatest discovery one can make is that anything is possible. This blog can help you make that discovery through discussion of practical magick, principles of synchro...
Keywords: astral projection, esoteric, magick, metaphysics, occult, paranormal, philosophy, spirituality, theosophy
Listed under: Divination Guiding Souls | A Place Where You Can Establish ...
Welcome to Guiding Souls, a place where you can establish inner peace, love and joy in your life through knowledge and education. We invite you to explore our website and...
Keywords: card, chakra, counseling, crystals, guiding souls, healing, intuitive, life path, metaphysics, psychic, readings, spiritual, spirituality, starseed, tarot
Listed under: Directories The Western Arc
Site announcing the new book "The Western Arc, a mystical look back at the Corporate Age" , author Daniel A. Pino, by PublishAmerica, 2011
Keywords: ascetic writing, metaphysics, mysticism, process arc, sevenfold peace, the western arc
Listed under: Personal Pages Robert Milleker: De Veritatis Naturam
Introduces a Logic not subject to Godel's theorem.
Keywords: godel theorem, logic, metaphysics
Listed under: Philosophy Ars Disputandi - The Online Journal For Philosophy ...
Ars Disputandi is the first online journal for the philosophy of religion. AD provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and arguments and promotes research of issues in...
Keywords: epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of religion, theology
Listed under: Philosophy of Religion Guide To Philosophy On The Internet (Suber)
A comprehensive collection of online philosophy resources. Well-organized, easy to navigate, regularly updated.
Keywords: aesthetics, epistemology, ethics, knowledge, metaphysics, morality, morals, ontology, philosopher, philosophical, philosophy
Listed under: Employment Philosophy Research Base
An online directory of philosophy resources.
Keywords: aesthetics, epistemology, ethics, knowledge, metaphysics, morality, morals, ontology, philosopher, philosophical, philosophy
Listed under: Directories Ereignis - Martin Heidegger In English
Martin Heidegger (1889-1976) Philosopher
Keywords: german, heidegger, martin, metaphysics, ontology, phenomenology, philosophy
Listed under: Martin Heidegger Gordon Michael Scallion's Future Maps, I
Matrix Institute - publishers of Gordon Michael Scallion's Future Maps, Intuitive Flash Newsletter, Metaphysical Moments Podcasts.
Keywords: earth changes, future maps, future trends, intuitive flash newsletter, metaphysical moments podcast, metaphysics, prophecy
Listed under: Prophecies Metaphysics (Stanford Encyclopedia Of ...
This entry examines a large selection of the problems that have been classified as metaphysical. It does not examine them “for their own sake,” however, but as illustrati...
Listed under: Metaphysical Problems Evolution And Philosophy: Metaphysics
Critics of evolutionary theory very often misunderstand the philosophical issues of the speciality known as the philosophy of science.
Keywords: evolution, metaphysics, morality, philosophy, philosophy of science, religion
Listed under: Evolutionist The Metaphysics Of Evolution - Valuable ...
To dispel the myths and superstitions that have long been used as an excuse for political and religious extremism
Keywords: evolution, philosophy, politics, religion, science
Listed under: Evolutionist The Big Bang Theory In Cosmology: Science, ...
The Big Bang Theory in cosmology attempts to explain the physical origins of the Universe and everything in it...including us.
Keywords: big bang theory, cosmology, stephen hawking
Listed under: Cosmology Metaphysics And Physics
Metaphysics and Physics - The metaphysical side of physics. Non-material reality precedes material reality.
Keywords: aether physics model, feeling, gforce
Listed under: Ontology

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