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News, FAQ and mail archives.
Listed under: DR-DOS Open Firmware Home Page (Openfirmware.Org)
Open Firmware is the name given to the IEEE-1275 Standard for Boot (Initialization Configuration) Firmware: Core Requirements and Practices.
Listed under: BIOS Openbsd/Amiga
the OpenBSD/amiga page
Listed under: Amiga Open Source Security Testing Tools
Open source testing tools, news and discussion.
Listed under: Security Tools Open Media Now! | Implementing The Future!
Supports free ways to create, to distribute and display digital content by actively developing cross-platform solutions, such as Gnash.
Listed under: Open Standards Open Design Alliance
An association of CAD customers and vendors committed to promoting open, industry-standard formats for the exchange of CAD data. History, members, FAQs, and published pap...
Listed under: Open Standards Open Source Licenses | Open Source Initiative
Copies of licenses approved by the Open Source Initiative.
Listed under: Licenses Opensourceinfo :: Opensource For An Openmind.
Opensourceinfo :: Opensource for an Openmind. This site is all about Opensource. It contains a listing of Opensource Distributions, Software and Websites.
Listed under: Directories Open Source Software Directory
The aim of the Open Source Software Directory is to list the best and most promising open source software available on the Internet.
Listed under: Directories Open Source Database Engines In Java
Open Source Database Engines in Java
Listed under: Databases Open Community Camp | Tech, People & Fun
Focus on empowerment, learning and training, using open standards.
Listed under: Conferences Openai - - Creating The Standard For ...
The OpenAI home page, an open source project aimed at creating specifications for artificial intelligence along with free programs and tools that follow these documents.
Listed under: Artificial Intelligence The Open Cognition Project - Opencog
Here at OpenCog, we're creating an open source Artificial General Intelligence framework, intended to one day express general intelligence at the human level and beyond.
Listed under: Artificial Intelligence What Is 'Open Source Hardware'?
- A collection of links to writings on themes related to Open Source Hardware like definitions, libraries, talks and conferences.
Listed under: Open Source Openmsx
A free, open source emulator for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.
Listed under: MSX

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