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a philosophical exploration of spirituality, human behaviour, and the quest for the meaning of life; based on logic rather than blind faith
Keywords: meaning of life, philosophy, psychology, reason, reasoned spirituality, religion, religions, religious, spiritual, the meaning of life
Listed under: Pantheism Pantheist.Net - Universal Pantheist Society
Pantheist.Net is is the online home of the Universal Pantheist Society, an organization which since 1976 has provided a network for Pantheists.
Keywords: coalition, cosmos, cosmotheism, nature, panentheism, pantheism, pantheist, pantheist net, philosophy, religion, universe
Listed under: Pantheism Morality
Morality - Where did our system of moral conduct come from? Did it evolve? Was it learned? Or was it perfectly designed?
Listed under: Morality Library Of Original Jain Literature And Jain Logic - ...
Well organised (and constantly expanding) treasure-chest of original Jain literature translated into various modern languages, along with information about the site, obje...
Keywords: books, jain beliefs, jainism beliefs, literature, logic, mahavir, marg, moksh, philosophy, religion, samaysaar, samaysar
Listed under: Jainism Spynx_Jd's Constitution Homepage
A site on revolution and constitutional theory, with bibliography, links, and a proposed constitution demonstrating the theories and supporting debate. --Homepage
Keywords: constitution, constitutional, free, government, parlaiment, philosophy, political, practice, revolution, rights, speech, theory
Listed under: Alternative Political Systems Logical Fallacies
An encyclopedia of logical fallacies; explanations and examples of common errors of reasoning.
Keywords: errors, fallacies, informal, logic, logical, philosophy, reasoning
Listed under: Philosophy of Logic Philosophy Archive
Online archive of philosophy texts, essays, and philosopher biographies sorted alphabetically and chronologically.
Keywords: aristotle, chat, external resources, main page, meet ups, philosophy archive, philosophy quotes, plato, socrates chat
Listed under: Online Texts Philosophy Collection
Repository for canonical philosophic texts, critical articles, and philosophy humor.
Listed under: Online Texts Big Bang Philosophy
Site dedicated to the exchange of ideas about the philosophy of Big Bang. With a questions and answers section.
Keywords: big bang, destiny, ethics, evolution, future, history, hope, humanity, infinity, philosophy, progress, space, time, unity, universe
Listed under: Metaphysics Corliss Lamont Website
Dedicated to the work of Corliss Lamont and The Philosophy of Humanism.
Keywords: authors, books, corliss, corliss lamont,, humanism, humanist, lamont, philosophy, religion
Listed under: Humanism History Of Philosophy
A survey of the history of Western philosophy.
Keywords: ancient, aquinas, aristotle, contemporary, medieval, modern, philosopher, philosophers, philosophical, philosophy, thinkers
Listed under: History of Philosophy British Religion And Philosophy In The Eighteenth ...
A chronology of major events and figures in religion and philosophy in Great Britain from 1651 to 1872 by Glenn Everett and George P. Landow at the Victorian Web.
Listed under: History of Philosophy The Department Of Philosophy | The University
Information about the Department including history, recent publications, reseach centers, archives, the arts, and community projects.
Listed under: Employment Jobs In Philosophy |
Listings of open academic positions in philosophy worldwide.
Listed under: Employment Guide To Philosophy On The Internet (Suber)
A comprehensive collection of online philosophy resources. Well-organized, easy to navigate, regularly updated.
Keywords: aesthetics, epistemology, ethics, knowledge, metaphysics, morality, morals, ontology, philosopher, philosophical, philosophy
Listed under: Employment

Results 31 - 45 [ Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ] for PHILOSOPHY