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The Ayn Rand Institute (ARI), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Irvine, California, works to introduce young people to Ayn Rand’s novels, to suppo...
Keywords: ann rand, anthem, atlas shrugged, ayn rand, fountainhead, objectivism, philosophy, reason, virtue of selfishness, we the living
Listed under: Ayn Rand Evolution And Philosophy: Metaphysics
Critics of evolutionary theory very often misunderstand the philosophical issues of the speciality known as the philosophy of science.
Keywords: evolution, metaphysics, morality, philosophy, philosophy of science, religion
Listed under: Evolutionist The Metaphysics Of Evolution - Valuable ...
To dispel the myths and superstitions that have long been used as an excuse for political and religious extremism
Keywords: evolution, philosophy, politics, religion, science
Listed under: Evolutionist Australasian Association Of Philosophy
Professional organization of academic philosophers in Australia and New Zealand. Runs conferences, offers an annual prize for philosophy published in the popular media,...
Keywords: australasian association of philosophy, australia, new zealand, philosopher, philosophers, philosophy
Listed under: Philosophical Aberdeen University Philosophy Society
Home of the Philosophy Society at the University of Aberdeen.
Keywords: aberdeen, aups, gronk, philosophy, philsoc, society, university
Listed under: Philosophical Aesthetics Teaching Resources
List of links from the American Society for Aesthetics.
Keywords: aesthetic, aesthetics, art, art criticism, art theory, esthetic, esthetics, philosophy, philosophy of art
Listed under: Philosophy Hyle--International Journal For Philosophy Of Chemistry
Hyle, Philosophy of Chemistry, International Journal, Philosophy and History of Science, Philosophy, Epistemology, Methodology, Ethics, Aesthetics, Education, Articles, B...
Keywords: chemistry, history of science, hyle, international journal, philosophy, philosophy of chemistry, philosophy of science
Listed under: Philosophy American Philosopher
Philosophy, utopia, eden, definitions of society, the Tao of Questy, By Questy aka Tom Peracchio
Keywords: eden, lao tzu, liberty, moore, peace on earth, philosophy, random thoughts, tao, thomas jefferson, thomas more, utopia, zen
Listed under: Utopias Ai From Tau - Useful Links
Extensive Artificial Intelligence links index from Tel-Aviv University, Israel. Created and maintained by Yossi Mamroud, TAU's Philosophy Department.
Keywords: ai, artificial intelligence, computer, engineer, knowledge, learning, lisp, machine, network, philosophy, prolog, turing
Listed under: Artificial Intelligence Biology Instructional Philosophy
Designed for prospective and practicing elementary school teachers, provides a biology lesson, knowledge mapping, and alternative ideas for effectiveness in teaching biol...
Listed under: Philosophy Philosophy And Time
Innovation and Excellence in Time Technology. Where history is becoming an experimental science!
Keywords: anderson, control, institute, time, time
Listed under: Philosophy of Time Philosophyquotes.Com - Quotations From 3,000 ...
PhilosophyQuotes is a free ezine featuring quotations from western and eastern philosophy.
Keywords: friedrich nietzsche, inpiration, inpirational quotes, motivational quotes, plato, quotation, quotations, quotes
Listed under: Wisdom Erces - European And International Research Group On Crime
Independent body educates and performs researches, scientific analysis and theoretical discussions. Details organization concept and target beneficiaries.
Keywords: crime, criminology, deviancy, erces, ethics, european, group, history, legal, philosophy, research, science, sciences, social
Listed under: Research Middleton Cheney Primary School Philosophy ...
Philosophy group from Middleton Cheney County Primary School UK
Listed under: Philosophy Kids Philosophy Slam
Aims to give kids a voice and to inspire kids to think by unlocking their intellectual and creative potential through a unique and powerful philosophical forum.
Listed under: Philosophy

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