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Provides some solutions for wave equations.
Listed under: Classical Mechanics Physics Help And Math Help - Physics Forums
Scientific physics forums for professionals and students to discuss serious issues and topics regarding physics in theory, practice, study and reality.
Keywords: black holes, gravity, math help, physics forums, physics help, relativity, science forums, science news
Listed under: Chats and Forums Cosmovia - Virtual Institute Of Astroparticle Physics
Interactive system, aimed to development of studies, linking cosmology, astrophysics, particle and nuclear physics.
Keywords: accelerators, aspera, bmbf, cea, cern, cnrs, eranet, fct, fnrs, fom, fwo, in2p3, infn, laboratory, mec, particles, physics
Listed under: Astrophysics C R I T I C I S M
The new theory contains only radiation. Particles consist of mono-rays in form of spiral-field-cords; which bent extremely itself; comes together to a circle; and is fus...
Keywords: action of quantity, classic physics, einstein, gravity, light quanta, physics, planck, quantum physics, schr?dinger
Listed under: Alternative Physics And Electronics - Physics And Electronics - Rhodes ...
The department of Physics and Electronics, Science at it's best
Keywords: physics, physics and electronics
Listed under: Academia Aapt.Org - American Association Of Physics Teachers
Guidelines for Physics Programs at Two-Year Colleges
Keywords: aapt, american, association, education, educators, physics, teachers, teaching
Listed under: Academia A Moment Of Science | Science Videos, Science ...
A Moment of Science is a science podcast, video series, and radio program answering common science questions.
Keywords: biology, biotech, bloomington, chemistry, health, physics, podcast, psychology, science, tech, technology, video, wfiu
Listed under: Radio Programs Metaphysics (Stanford Encyclopedia Of ...
This entry examines a large selection of the problems that have been classified as metaphysical. It does not examine them “for their own sake,” however, but as illustrati...
Listed under: Metaphysical Problems Evolution And Philosophy: Metaphysics
Critics of evolutionary theory very often misunderstand the philosophical issues of the speciality known as the philosophy of science.
Keywords: evolution, metaphysics, morality, philosophy, philosophy of science, religion
Listed under: Evolutionist The Metaphysics Of Evolution - Valuable ...
To dispel the myths and superstitions that have long been used as an excuse for political and religious extremism
Keywords: evolution, philosophy, politics, religion, science
Listed under: Evolutionist The Big Bang Theory In Cosmology: Science, ...
The Big Bang Theory in cosmology attempts to explain the physical origins of the Universe and everything in it...including us.
Keywords: big bang theory, cosmology, stephen hawking
Listed under: Cosmology Craig Research Labs
Craig Research Labs promotes and funds scientific research and public education in all branches of the pure and applied sciences.
Keywords: biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, research, science, space
Listed under: Futurist Physics Jobs: Job Seekers - Home [Physics Today ...
Find physics, physical science, engineering, and computing jobs at Physics Today Jobs. Search highly-specialized scientific employment openings in teaching, industry, an...
Keywords: engineering jobs, job fairs, jobs, open positions, physical science, physical science jobs, physics jobs, science jobs
Listed under: Physics Ilovephysics.Com :: Free Online Physics Help, ...
Discuss physics education and related topics that come up in discussions about physics.
Keywords: community, physics
Listed under: Physics A2l Project Website | A2l: Assessing-To-Learn ...
A research project on the use of continuous formative assessment in the high-school physics classroom.
Listed under: Physics

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