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Published by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists since 1936, is an archival journal encompassing all aspects of research, exploration and education in applied geophy...
Listed under: Publications Physnet - Physics Departments And Documents ...
PhysNet is a portal to physics of the ISN and the EPS
Keywords: departments, institutions, physics, portal
Listed under: Physics The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Science Fairs
This Library page is an attempt to provide a single comprehensive list of every science fair accessible through the World Wide Web, whether of global or local scope.
Listed under: Science Fairs Eric's Quasicrystals Page
Explanation, pictures, and wallpaper of these unusual structures.
Listed under: Inorganic Galaxy Formation & Evolution Lecture Notes
Lectures given in 2006 by Julien Devriendt at Oxford University, which include an introduction to galactic dynamics and a primer on hierarchical galaxy formation.
Listed under: Galaxies Anti Relativity : The Theory Of Anti Relativity ...
A careful examination of experimental evidence for and against special relativity
Keywords: anti-relativity, dayton miller, einstein, mmx, paradox, physics, relativity
Listed under: Relativity, Alternative Thermalphysics.Org - Home
Essays on world's most powerful MRI scanner, Planck, thermodynamics, temperature of the universe, solar photosphere, COBE and MAP satellites.
Keywords: 8 tesla, cobe, magnetic resonance imaging, map, max planck, mri, physics, pierre-marie robitaille, robitaille, thermal
Listed under: Physics, Alternative Worldscinet
Worldscinet gives you the chance to read, search, browse journals online from news and chaos to physics journals and more.
Keywords: academic, bioinformatics, chaos, chemistry, issues, journal, journals, news, online, physics, publisher, scientific
Listed under: Scientific Publishing World Scientific
World Scientific - leading international publisher in medicine, science and technology.
Keywords: books, chemistry, journal, mathematics, medicine, physics, science, science publisher, technology, world scientific, wspc
Listed under: Scientific Publishing Metaphysics And Physics
Metaphysics and Physics - The metaphysical side of physics. Non-material reality precedes material reality.
Keywords: aether physics model, feeling, gforce
Listed under: Ontology Central European Journal Of Physics - Physics & ...
International refereed electronic journal, devoted to the publication of fundamental research results in all fields of physics.
Keywords: journal, physics, scholarly journal, science, versita
Listed under: Physics Science &Amp; Math
Science & Maths. Learn science and mathematics online for free. Physics , Mathematics , Mathematics formulas , Physics formulas , Physics MCQ , Online calculator
Keywords: math, math formulas, mathematics, online calculator, physics, physics formulas, science, science and math
Listed under: Math International System Of Units From Nist
Definitions of SI units and SI prefixes, units outside the SI, rules and style conventions, historical context for SI units, international aspects of the SI, and unit con...
Listed under: Units of Measurement Slac Library - Online Particle Physics Information
Organized collection of links to high energy physics resources: reference, experiments, conferences, directories, publications, education, software.
Keywords: databases, directory, energy, guide, high, information, library, literature, online, particle, physics, resources, science, scientific, slac
Listed under: Particle Prophysics Innovations – Professional Physics ...
ProPhysics Innovations provides professional physics solutions in the areas of education, on-site services and consultation.
Keywords: decommissioning, leak testing, nuclear medicine, physics, physics consultation, prophysics solutions, radiation surveys
Listed under: Medical Physics

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