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News. Satire. Videos. Other crap.
Keywords: animations, humor, news, politics, satire, video
Listed under: Satire Sir Bitch-O-Lot
Sir Bitch-O-Lot is like 20-something Andy Rooney...only funny. He spends his days watching the crazy mess this world is in and tries to bring some humor into. Politics,...
Keywords: conservative, entertainment, humor, liberal, libertarian, politics, sarcasm
Listed under: Humor The Right Commentary
A political blog with emphasis on conservative views.
Keywords: congress, conservative, democrat, obama, political, politics, republican, tea party
Listed under: Conservatism Notorious Bastards
We are a creative writing, blog, satire, and opinion website! We show case political cartoons, satire, serious fiction, poetry, blogs and more.
Keywords: blogs, comedy, humor, poetry, politics, satire, social, web blogs
Listed under: American Literature Euronewsweek International - Breaking, World, ...
Euronewsweek International delivers breaking news from across the globe and information on the latest top stories headlines.
Keywords: article, economics, entertainment, euro, euronewsweek, forum, international, news, politics, sport, submit article, week
Listed under: Politics The Daily Satire
The Daily Satire is your source of the latest and most popular news, current affairs and political satire stories from around the world. Please feel free to open a free a...
Keywords: cartoons, funny, humor, humour, news, politics, satire
Listed under: Humor Isitmeor.Co.Uk
A web blog containing social & political comment, observations on and of the media and also a platform for public views.
Keywords: government, media, parliament, politics, social
Listed under: Chats and Forums Cape Report
Commenting on news and politics in South Africa.
Keywords: cape of good hope, independence, politics, republic, secession, south africa, western cape
Listed under: Analysis and Opinion Dealign Magazine
deAlign is a UK magazine for the politically conscious, featuring informative and entertaining comment.
Keywords: conservative, labour, lib dem, liberal, liberal democrat, news, political news, politics, tory, uk
Listed under: Society * Lipstick And Liberty *
independent thoughts on politics, pop culture, fashion, sex, and other topics, from a libertarian transgender
Keywords: fashion, gay, homosexuality, libertarian, politics, pop culture, republican, sex, transgender, transsexual
Listed under: Politics Mr. Dandyryan's Blog
Mad man with a blog.
Keywords: books, current affairs, debate, films, movies, music, news, opinions, politics, reviews, television, videos, views
Listed under: Top Stories Life In The Center
Blog for moderates on both sides and independents
Keywords: democrat, independent, republican
Listed under: Politics We Speak Our Mind (About Everything)
A Forum where you can discuss & voice opinions about Politics, Current affairs, And basically express yourselves about any topic of interest.
Keywords: conservative, crime, current affairs, missing persons, news, politics, republican, society, tea party
Listed under: Chats and Forums Green Party Of Canada
The Green Party of Canada is a Canadian Federal Political Party with a modern, progressive platform that balances fiscal, social and environmental concerns.
Keywords: canada, federal, fiscal, green, party, party, politics, progressive, social
Listed under: Green Global Affairs
Discussions on world politics.
Keywords: politics, social issues
Listed under: Chats and Forums

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