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World Space Week, Oct 4-10, is the annual global space celebration. With public and school activities around the world, it is coordinated by World Space Week Association...
Keywords: international cooperation, space, space day, space education, space event, space week, spaceweek, united nations
Listed under: Space Science and Technology Hobbyspace - Home
Space log tracks developments in space commercialization particularly; occasional interviews and other newsworthy items.
Listed under: Space Colonization Sociobiology
Explains major concepts of Sociobiology, including Ethology, Evolution, Attraction, Sexual Dimorphism, Imprinting, Kin Selection, Reciprocal Altruism, and Dominance Hier...
Listed under: Sociobiology Space And Earth Sciences News || Astronomy
Provides several news items per day picked from various world wide sources.
Listed under: News Galaxy Photography, Astronomy Images By Jason Ware
Galaxy, Photography, Astronomy Images by Jason Ware
Keywords: galaxy, hubble, images, meade, nasa, nebula, photographs, photography, rcx, space
Listed under: Images Astronomiae Historia / History Of Astronomy
Information and several thousand links on all aspects of history of astronomy and related fields: observatories, people, items, archives and libraries, museums and exhi...
Keywords: archive, astronomer, astronomy, biography, book, history, library, museum, observatory, publication, science, space
Listed under: History Spacewander Virtual Space Trip!
Fly to Mars and Jupiter! Travel through deep space! SpaceWander's award-winning multimedia space trip features real NASA images! Check out our space store for space bo...
Keywords: jupiter, mars, nasa pictures, space travel
Listed under: For Kids Stargazer Planetariums
Stargazer Planetariums make custom-built inflatable domes for mobile planetarium shows and other uses.
Keywords: art, astronomy, dome, domes, marketing, mobile, negative, planetariums, pressure, promotional, schools, space, stargazer, theatrical
Listed under: Business Space Based Weather Control
Contains text from correspondence with Dr. Bernard Eastlund.
Listed under: Weather Control Unbelivevable Source Of Paranormal Information
The UFO Directory of the Best Sites on the web.
Keywords: albert, einstein, extra-terrestrials, john huchenson, nicola, psychic, space, tesla, time, ufo, von neumann, wilhelm reich
Listed under: The Philadelphia Experiment The Planetary Society
A nonprofit organization devoted to the exploration of the solar system and the search for extraterrestrial life.
Keywords: bruce, carl, exploration, extrasolar, friedman, goes, louis, mars, murray, planetary, red, rover, sagan, seti, seti@home, society, space, to
Listed under: Extraterrestrial Life Arianespace
Arianespace was founded in 1980 as the world’s first commercial launch services provider. Arianespace delivers its Service & Solutions launch offer to customers from arou...
Keywords: ariane 5, arianespace, commercial launch services, french guiana, launch, satellite, soyuz, spaceport, vega
Listed under: French Guiana Campervan Hire New Zealand – Camper Van ...
Hire the best Campervans in New Zealand. Campervan rentals in Auckland and Christchurch. Rent a camper van today for an exciting New Zealand adventure.
Keywords: campervan hire, campervan hire new zealand, campervan rentals, campervan rentals new zealand, rent campervan
Listed under: Transportation Conquer Publishing
Home of Conquer Publishing and the science fiction action-adventure novel 'The Staff of Rahgorra'
Keywords: aliens, mark, oetjens, publish, rahgorra, sci fi, science fiction, space, space battle, staff
Listed under: Science Fiction Jimz Rocket Plans
Provides details on the planned assembly for the kit. Includes files available for download.
Listed under: Rockets

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