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Brief biographies of actors who have second careers as voice actors.
Listed under: Biography Evp-Voices.Com | Laatste Update: 10 - 10- 2010
Een website die gaat over het electronische bandstemmen fenomeen beter bekend onder de engelse benaming the electronic voice phenomena of , maar wat zijn nou bandstemmen...
Keywords: aquarius, austerlitz, buurthuis, entiteit, entiteiten, evp, kraaiennest, lezing, pbc, staya erusa, the light, whitenoise, whitenoise 2
Listed under: Personal Pages Personae&Reg; - Personal And Organisational Change
Personae? - Personal and Organisational Change
Keywords: analysis, big, biometrics, biometrie, ffpi, five, fraud prevention, lie detector systems, personae, print, speech, stem, stemanalyse, voice
Listed under: Personality Types Ibent
A selection of online stories by or for gay disabled men.
Keywords: aesthetics of the body, aids, amputee gay, amputee sex, autobiographical writing gay bisexuality, autobiography gay
Listed under: Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Family Voices
Family Voices aims to achieve family-centered care for all children and youth with special health care needs and/or disabilities. Through our national network, we provide...
Listed under: Family Resources Get A Voice | Voices Over Portugal
Portuguese voices for your project. State of the art home studio with fast deliveries and good prices.
Keywords: e-learning, european portuguese, locução, locutor, portuguese voice, video, voice overs, voz-off
Listed under: Television Voice To America
Voice to America.
Listed under: Voice of America New Christian Voices
When faith and life meet, funny things can happen! Christian humor and commentary that inspires and entertains.
Listed under: Religion Youth Voices Research Group
Developed by teens, with information on smoking, sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling and disabilities. Also provides peer support and advice through discussion groups.
Listed under: Teens Only Mma Used Stationary Bikes Negeriads.Com Solusi ...
Powerful Secrets of Online Business Success and Money Abundant Living. NegeriAds adalah iklan PPC Indonesia paling terkenal saat ini sebagai solusi berpromosi internet ma...
Keywords:, solusi
Listed under: Referensi Voice3g - Voice Enabling Business
Voice3g builds voice products and solutions that enhance the productivity of mobile workforces by providing secure access to enterprise information. Voice Cube? VoiceXML...
Listed under: VoiceXML Newvoicemedia: Hosted Contact Centres, Virtual ...
NewVoiceMedia is a leading provider of Hosted Contact Centre solutions. We use a SaaS (Cloud Computing) business model and provide self-managed modules for ACD, IVR, CTI,...
Listed under: Voice Portals Welcome To The Voicexml Forum | Voicexml Forum
The VoiceXML Forum is a global industry organization that works to accelerate the adoption of VoiceXML and adjacent technologies. Members include lead...
Listed under: XML Voiceover Index
Directory of international voice talent. Voiceover Index is a portfolio hosting service offering global exposure to professional voice over artists, voice actors and narr...
Keywords: professional voice talent, voice over, voiceover
Listed under: Audio University Of Minnesota
Documenting the writing and stories of Asian, Black, Latina, and Native women.
Listed under: Cultural

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