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Higher Spiritual Living is a site dedicated to bringing knowledge into the hands of those seeking truth, understanding, and peace within their lives.
Keyword: awareness , consciousness , meditation , spirituality Universal Mathematics
Raising Conscious Awareness
Keyword: consciousness , culture , earth , humans , propaganda , technology , truth , universe Quantum Enigma: Physics Encounters Consciousness By Bruce Rosenblum & Fred Kuttn
In Quantum Enigma: Physics Encounters Consciousness, two physics professors explore the "skeleton in the closet" of quantum physics.
Keyword: bruce rosenblum , consciousness , fred kuttner , quantum enigma , quantum theory Towards A Science Of Consciousness Conference 2001
piero scaruffi's essay for the Towards a Science of Consciousness Conference 2001
Keyword: artificial intelligence , artificial life , cognitive science , consciousness , linguistics , mind , neurobiology , theory A Course In Consciousness
A course in consciousness,quantum theory of consciousness,nonduality,metaphysics,end of suffering,our true nature
Keyword: , advaita , consciousness , end of suffering , metaphysics , nonduality , noumenon , quantum theory Global Consciousness Project
Scientific research network studying global consciousness: Description, Specifications, Data Access, Results
Keyword: anomalies , consciousness , gaia , global , group consciousness , mind , parapsychology , psi , random event , reg , rng , world Mindpapers: Contents
A bibliography of work in the philosophy of mind, the philosophy of cognitive science, and the science of consciousness consisting of over 18,000 entries organized by fine-grained topics.
Keyword: cognitive science , consciousness , intentionality , mind , online , perception , phenomenology , philosophy , qualia , reduction Near Death Experience Beyond The Veil
Information, resources, spiritual lessons, open forum and more, about death, near death experiences, conscious dying and the after life, the evolution of higher consciousness from a near death experiencer's perspective.
Keyword: after life , conscious dying , fear of death , higher consciousness , kundalini , near death experiences , spiritual growth , spirituality Skeptic » Home » The Skeptics Society &Amp; Skeptic Magazine
The Skeptics Society is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational organization that promotes science literacy and critical thinking. Supported by leading scientists, scholars, journalists and magicians, we investigate fringe science and paranormal claims.
Keyword: darwin , genetic testing , griffin , happiness , mars , martin gardner , quantum consciousness , religious philosophy , zen Bluestone Messages | Universal Consciousness | Inspirational Spiritual Message
Bluestone's Inspirational Channeled Messages Are For The Whole Family. Bluestone Addresses Universal Consciousness. The Messages Offer Wisdom, Love, Truth, Peace, Hope and Healing To Those Who Meditate And Seek A Spiritual Journey.
Keyword: bluestone messages , inspirational spiritual messages , spiritual journey , universal consciousness

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