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oblitusaeternum.blogspot.com: Etiquette
An Exploration into the Memories of Etiquette and the Improper. Thanks to those who have contributed these interesting accounts.
Keyword: existentialism

janushead.org: Janus Head
Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature, Continental Philosophy, Phenomenological Psychology, and the Arts, with a pronounced tendency of transdisciplinarity.
Keyword: continental , criticism , existentialism , interdisciplinary , journal , literary , phenomenology , philosophy , poetry , psychology

together.net: The Meaning Of Life
A discussion on the meaning of life
Keyword: existential , existentialism , life , meaning , philosophy

pegasus.cc.ucf.edu: Continental Philosophy
This page is intended to provide resources and links for researchers and students (particularly students at Augustana University College) in the various areas of continental philosophy.
Keyword: continental philosophy , critical theory , deconstruction , existentialism , feminism , hermeneutics , post-structuralism

bridgetochange.com: Bridge To Change
Free download a trilogy of e-books, storytelling that aims to effect dramatic change via cultural analysis that rocks.
Keyword: article v , complexity theory , constitutional convention , existentialism , merlin , phase transition , post-modernism , relativity

working-minds.com: Working Minds: A Philosophy Of Empowerment
Books that define the innovative and practical Philosophy of Empowerment of G.E. Nordell ? based partly on ideas of Ayn Rand (Objectivism), Albert Camus (Existentialism), Eric Berne (Transactional Analysis), C. Wright Mills, Thorstein B. Veblen, quantum physics and other concepts and thinkers, plus a host of original thought ? designed to enroll the reader into individual and independent participation in the Fulfillment of Mankind's Potential...
Keyword: capitalism , culture , economics , enlightenment , existentialism , freedom , objectivism , politics , relationship , warrior

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