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oddx.com: Oddx Paranormal Oddities
Paranormal Articles featuring UFOs, Psychic Phenomena, Alternative History and various other Paranormal subjects
Keyword: alternate history , ancient aliens , conspiracies , cryptids , extraterrestrial , ghost , paranormal

whatiftheoryaliensgodus.org: The What If Theory; Aliens, God & Us.
Advertising and publishing the sale of the book titled: The What If Theory; Aliens, God & Us. Blog, Shopping, UFO Videos and documentary. Advertising and referrals.
Keyword: aliens , ancient astronaut theory , extraterrestrials , nasa news , ufo blogs , ufo books , ufo news , ufo theory , ufo videos

mysterioussightings.org: Mysterioussightings
Report UFO's and other phenomena.
Keyword: alien , aliens , extraterrestrial , mysterioussightings , paranormal , report ufo , science , space news , ufo

worldmysteries.tv: World Mysteries
Multimedia hub dedicated to the exploration of the unknown and the unexplained, covering subjects ranging from the mysteries of the ancient world and frontier sciences to the more controversial; such as extraterrestrial life, conspiracies & the paranormal.
Keyword: aliens , conpiracies , extraterrestrial life , ghosts , paranormal , prophecies , religion , science , ufo , unexplained , unknown

rise-and-fall-of-alien-civilizations-in-our-own-galaxy.com: The Rise And Fall Of Star Faring Civilizations In Our Own Galaxy ...
The Rise and Fall of Star Faring Civilizations in Our Own Galaxy Introduction
Keyword: civilization , extraterrestrial intelligence , fall , fermi paradox , galaxy , gamma ray burster , gauntlet , goldilocks , rise , seti

cosmiclifesite.com: Life At The Cosmic Level,Cosmic Life Reality
life on earth with cosmic awareness,love and compassion for all human beings on Earth,ET (Extra-terrestrial) reality,human evolution and dangers we face.
Keyword: comic awareness , cosmic life , et , extraterrestrial , galactic family , love &

socyberty.com: Extraterrestrial Life Forms | Socyberty
Here is a story I have been a little in doubt about but there are some convincing stories and idea's about a few web sites I have visiting, are NASA telling us everything, lets not bet on the slowest horse in the race. NASA footage photos we never see are
Keyword: alien , apollo , cydonia , europa , extraterrestrial , mars , moon , nasa , pyramids , richard hoagland , ufo

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