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afrikaans.dianetics.org: Dianetics Die Moderne Wetenskap Van Geestesgesondheid
Dianetics: Lesers van alle lewensbetrekkinge bevestig dat Dianetics hulle gehelp het om: Meer selfvertroue te behaal in die lewe; Hul doelwitte te bereik; Self-respek te herwin; Goed te voel omtrent self; Sukses te bereik in enige verkose riktig.
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skepticfiles.org: Humanism, Reason, And The Arts
An article by Frederick Edwords promoting artistic expression as a means of emotional appeal for social change.
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ronthephilosopher.org: The Phenomena Of Death By L. Ron Hubbard
It has only been in Scientology that the mechanics of death have been thoroughly understood. Hitherto, the whole subject of death has been one of the more mysterious subjects to man.
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