libertarian Directory Sir Bitch-O-Lot
Sir Bitch-O-Lot is like 20-something Andy Rooney...only funny. He spends his days watching the crazy mess this world is in and tries to bring some humor into. Politics, entertainment, daily situations--everything is fair game.
Keyword: conservative , entertainment , humor , liberal , libertarian , politics , sarcasm Subvertive.Com - Freedom Culture Ireland
Ireland's Freedom Culture News. Thoughtfully presenting ideas of true individual freedom - for the benefit of all.
Keyword: economy , freedom , herman hans hoppe , ireland , irish , labour , libertarian , murray rothbard , nama , robert murphy , thoughtful * Lipstick And Liberty *
independent thoughts on politics, pop culture, fashion, sex, and other topics, from a libertarian transgender
Keyword: fashion , gay , homosexuality , libertarian , politics , pop culture , republican , sex , transgender , transsexual Vaguely Humanoid | Liberty & Reason In Theory And Practice
About vaguelyhumanoid Here you can see the assorted musings of a philosophically-inclined left-libertarian. My blog: a grab bag of hopefully interesting rants, raves, and various other things.
Keyword: anarchism , anarchist , anti-capitalist , free market , left-libertarian , mutualist Anarcho-Transhumanism: The Ultimate Synthesis
Combining elements of both anarchist and transhumanist thought, anarcho-transhumanism stands for political, economic, and biological freedom.
Keyword: anarchism , anarchist , anarcho-transhumanism , biopolitics , libertarian , socialist , transhumanism Philosophukking With Your Head Since 2010
Left/libertarian/anarchist/atheist commentary and thought pieces. There's plenty to get your teeth into from "Why Individualism Failed & Woodrow Wilson is a C*nt" to "How supporting your local co-op is more effective than overthrowing the government"
Keyword: anarchism , atheism , left libertarianism , philosophy , politics , postanarchism , poststructualism

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