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1 2 3 4 thecommentarygazette.wordpress.com: The Commentary Gazette – Perspectives On The World
Perspectives on the World
Keyword: civil unrest , editorials , opinions , political , today's society , viewpoints , world issues

toptalkradio.com: Top Talk Radio Hosts &Amp; Shows Stream &Amp; Record
Source for discovering, streaming and free recording of America's Top conservative talk radio shows, top conservative talk radio hosts and top conservative video and news.
Keyword: attractive conservative women , conservative political radio , conservative talk shows , talk radio , top 10 talk shows

mittzombie.tumblr.com: Mitt Zombie
Mitt Zombie Liberals don't like me. Neither do conservatives. Undead walker of the political plane. Mitt Zombie Campaign Materials
Keyword: comedy , democrat , mitt romney , mitt zombie , obama , political humor , politics , republican , t-shirts , zombiemitt , zombies

liberalgrouch.com: The Liberal Grouch Wants You Conservative Kids Off His Lawn
Keeping an eye on the Right Wing scalawags, handing out spankings like lollypops on Halloween. Also, tweaking the noses of those pesky liberal babies who are whining that things aren't moving fast enough. Keeping an eye on the Right Wing scalawags, handing out spankings like lollypops on Halloween. Also, tweaking the noses of those pesky liberal babies who are whining that things aren't moving fast enough.
Keyword: democrat , humor , left wing , liberal , news , news , obama , opinion , political , politics , progressive , pundit , romney , satire , satirist

politicallyincorrectfun.com: Politically Incorrect Fun Comedy Satire Laughs Jokes Right Wing
Most political comedians are liberal who poke mercilessly at the political right. This site reverses that and offers right-leaning folks some long overdue satirical comedy.
Keyword: comedy , humor , jokes , laughs , politically incorrect , republican , right politics , satire

thetwistedtimes.com: The Twisted Times | Real Fake News - Political & Social Satire, Merciless
The Twisted Times - Zany, Provocative, Entertaining and Utterly Irreverent featuring Real Fake News, Political and Social Satire, Merciless Parody, Wanton Lampooning and Unabashed Lunacy
Keyword: fake news , political satire

diggychacha.blogspot.in: India Satire - Digvijay Singh Fan Club
Clean news satire, sarcasm, humour, fun and parody blog portal. Politicians, Business Tycoons, Bollywood Celebrities, Cricketers, Prominent Personalities and more. India's direct link to entertainment and humor.
Keyword: bollywood fun , india satire , news satire , political humor

thepoliticalguide.com: Poligu.Com - The Political Guide
The Political Guide provides impartial information about the political positions of each candidate and representative. This includes controversies, speeches, election results, voting records, statements, and more.
Keyword: 2012 elections , barack obama , mitt romney , political positions , politics

truthfeast.com: Truthfeast
An intensely cynical geopolitical blog written by an atheist curmudgeon author.
Keyword: america , atheist , geopolitical , iran , israel , middle east , oil , satire , syria , war

supercheapsigns.com: Super Cheap Signs
Super Cheap Signs is Your One-Stop Shop for Cheap Custom Yard Signs, Vinyl Banners, Wire Stakes and Car Magnets. Bringing You Quality Signs since 1991!
Keyword: campaign yard signs , political yard signs , wholesale political signs

thenotsomiddlepath.blogspot.com: The Not So Middle Path
the not so middle path
Keyword: blog , fiction , funny , non-fiction , poetry , political , sad , satire , serious , surfing , web log , weblog , writing

stopbuyinggasoline.com: Stop Buying Gas
The best site on learning how to either Stop Buying Gasoline,save gas, increase miles per gallon, & increase your car,truck,motorcycle,RV's horsepower with out complete GIGTS (Gasoline Independence Gasoline Technology System) kit,Ramjet,Stop Buying Gas
Keyword: alternative energy , gas , green , money , political , science & technology , solar power , stop buying gas , wind power

socialismfortherich.com: Socialismfortherich.Com, Political Truth Through The Eye Of The Working ...
Entitlements & socialism for the wealthy: Use our political social network to speak the truth about how the law protects the rich, with videos, blogs posts...
Keyword: entitlements , network , political , protects , social , socialism , speak , the law , the rich , truth , wealthy

macdonrod.com: Www.Macdonrod.Com
Read this humorous story, this political satire and political comedy, and meet many colorful and eccentric characters - The Bearded One, Didi Damin, Borrock Sobama, David Chipperfield, Sir Solomon Pushdee.
Keyword: candidates presidential , humor , humorous stories , political comedy , political humor , political satire , satire , sobama

uncomplicatedscientist.com: Uncomplicated Scientist
A new view of science from an unorthodox scientist and writer.
Keyword: cancer , environment , health , humor , offbeat , political , science , science sarcastic , technology

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