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thetwistedtimes.com: The Twisted Times | Real Fake News - Political & Social Satire, Merciless
The Twisted Times - Zany, Provocative, Entertaining and Utterly Irreverent featuring Real Fake News, Political and Social Satire, Merciless Parody, Wanton Lampooning and Unabashed Lunacy
Keyword: fake news , political satire

macdonrod.com: Www.Macdonrod.Com
Read this humorous story, this political satire and political comedy, and meet many colorful and eccentric characters - The Bearded One, Didi Damin, Borrock Sobama, David Chipperfield, Sir Solomon Pushdee.
Keyword: candidates presidential , humor , humorous stories , political comedy , political humor , political satire , satire , sobama

khengrakathi.blogspot.com: Khengra Kathi... A Bangla Webcomic
A cultural webcomic in Bangla,"Khengra Kathi" is a humorous take on the Bengali way of life. Using stick figures to poke fun at the peculiarities of the Bengali culture, politics and obsessions; the short strips of "Khengra Kathi" take a life of their own.
Keyword: bangla webcomic , contemporary humour , culture , funny , political satire , stick figures

citizenwombat.blogspot.com: Citizen Wombat
A satirical take on society and the world around us and some peoples attempt to break away
Keyword: citizen wombat , communism , computer games , films , london , parody , plague , political satire , rant , zombies

notsonicenola.com: Not So Nice, Nola
Follow the (mis)adventures of Miss Nola Shumway! She serves as President Obama's right hand (little) girl. She's eight, she's a brat... Did I mention she's dating Vladimir Putin?
Keyword: cartoon , humor , political satire , politically incorrect , pop culture , sweet

yeetle.com: The Yeetle Box
The Yeetle Box provides safe transport out of the box to those persons, places, concepts, and things who have proven their Yeetle Worthiness.
Keyword: box , box box , humor , irony , persons , places , political humor , political satire , satire , satirical , things , yeetle box

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