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sentimental-journeys.com: Sentimental-Journeys.Com
Sentimental Journeys is a Pop Culture blog, looking back at our history, from the 1950's to 2010. We discuss classic TV programs, vintage advertising (print & commercials) and classic TV related toys.
Keyword: 1950's , 1960's , 1970's , advertising , humor , pop culture

2walls.com: 2 Walls Webzine – Commentary For The Socially Misguided
2 Walls Webzine - commentary for the socially misguided. Your source for music reviews, book reviews, social commentary, political ramblings, sports banter, fiction, rants, blogs and more.
Keyword: 2 walls webzine , 2walls webzine , 2walls.com , pop culture , pop culture ezine , pop culture magazine , pop culture webzine

collagesbyaudrey.com: Audrey Soubiran
In her collages, Audrey Soubiran invites the viewer on a glamorous journey filled with new experiences, exotic scenes and unexpected encounters. They are handmade paper collages on carboard or wood.
Keyword: art , assemblage , audrey soubiran , collage , collages , fashion , galerie , glamour , illustrations , montage , pop culture , styling

whatever-dude.com: Whatever-Dude.Com:: Video Games, Comics, And Animation Archives.
Pop-Culture website with irreverent and informative articles on movies, entertainment, television, popular music and life itself. A dream for the pop-culture enthusiast.
Keyword: articles , britney spears , entertainment , girls , life , movies , music , parody , pop culture , review , sex , teens , television

aliciajackie.wordpress.com: * Lipstick And Liberty *
independent thoughts on politics, pop culture, fashion, sex, and other topics, from a libertarian transgender
Keyword: fashion , gay , homosexuality , libertarian , politics , pop culture , republican , sex , transgender , transsexual

joshpetty09.wordpress.com: Josh Petty
My blog talks about ideas that are not necessarily right or wrong but that provoke thought
Keyword: media , music , pop culture

whoslosing.com: Whoslosing.Com
Whoslosing.com is a recreational comedy and news blog, covering politics, crime, pop culture, and entertainment through funny videos, pictures, antidotal opinions, parodies, sketches and articles
Keyword: 2cents , celebs acting crazy , celebs gone wild , comedy blog , comedy sketches , funny news , odd news , pop culture blog , seymour scratch , whoslosing

notsonicenola.com: Not So Nice, Nola
Follow the (mis)adventures of Miss Nola Shumway! She serves as President Obama's right hand (little) girl. She's eight, she's a brat... Did I mention she's dating Vladimir Putin?
Keyword: cartoon , humor , political satire , politically incorrect , pop culture , sweet

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