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1 2 Republican Vs Democrat
Ramblings on politics and economic news from my view point.
Keyword: federal reserve , fiscal cliff 2013 , republican vs democrat , us fiscal cliff Williamrhayward2 &Raquo; Page 1 Of 12
28th District of Texas for US Congress
Keyword: 28th , candidage , congress , district , donate , i , please , republican , so , texas , this , us , win Mitt Zombie
Mitt Zombie Liberals don't like me. Neither do conservatives. Undead walker of the political plane. Mitt Zombie Campaign Materials
Keyword: comedy , democrat , mitt romney , mitt zombie , obama , political humor , politics , republican , t-shirts , zombiemitt , zombies Politically Incorrect Fun Comedy Satire Laughs Jokes Right Wing
Most political comedians are liberal who poke mercilessly at the political right. This site reverses that and offers right-leaning folks some long overdue satirical comedy.
Keyword: comedy , humor , jokes , laughs , politically incorrect , republican , right politics , satire Platte County Pachyderms
Welcome to the Platte County Pachyderm Club. Our programs are open tot he publica nd the media. We meet the first Thursady of each month.
Keyword: gop , missouri republicans , mo , pachyderms , platte county , platte county , public formums , republican clubs A Parallel Too High
Your source for independent Canadian viewpoints on Canada, news and culture.
Keyword: america , canada , canadian , commentary , conservative , democrat , liberal , news , opinion , republican , united states The Pragmatic Pundit
Concerned with facts rather than with theories, principles and passion. The Pragmatic Pundit presents a straightforward practical way of thinking and dealing with problems.
Keyword: activism , government , politics , republicans Cafe Con Leche Republicans | Republicans Who Want America And The Gop To Be ...
Cafe Con Leche is a national Republican group that seeks to make the U.S. a much friendlier place for immigrants, while also promoting conservative values.
Keyword: gop , immigration , politics , republican Thesouthernsessions.Com
A southern woman's opinion on politics, humor, God and life.
Keyword: fun , godly principles , presidential candidates , republican candidates , susan powell Rants, Ravings, And Sometimes Doing The Right Thing......
From the heart, mind, and soul of one of America's rising authors comes a collection of opinions from a unique, blatantly Red-State, perspective that will infuriate Liberals.
Keyword: christian , conservative , parent , republican The Right Commentary
A political blog with emphasis on conservative views.
Keyword: congress , conservative , democrat , obama , political , politics , republican , tea party Who To Choose For 2012
We the people we who choose. It's very important that we know who we are choosing to run our country. - Who To Choose for 2012
Keyword: campaign , democrat , jon huntsman , michele bachman , obama , president , republican , ron paul , who to choose for 2012 Seaside Post
Politics and more about today and the future plus other stuff you might just want to know and hot babes!
Keyword: democrats , florida , hot girls , politics , president , republicans , senate , sexy , tea party , washington * Lipstick And Liberty *
independent thoughts on politics, pop culture, fashion, sex, and other topics, from a libertarian transgender
Keyword: fashion , gay , homosexuality , libertarian , politics , pop culture , republican , sex , transgender , transsexual Recovering-Republican | We Support Barack Obama And Progressive ...
Obama Republican and Liberal Republican focused on liberal politics and critic of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party; and helping re-elect Barack Obama in 2012.
Keyword: barack obama , liberal republican , minstrel show , obama citizenship , obama republican , recovering republican , sarah palin

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