sarcasm Directory What Is This Happiness Thing And How Can I Be It?
Your #1 source for mediocre advice, extremely average humor, and one great looking man. Stop by, have a laugh or two.
Keyword: blog , creative , humor , sarcasm , satire , sketch My Name's Alicia But My Friends Call Me Ahhhh!
“Music can be a blanket. When your bones are shaking and teeth are chattering…you can lay it over you for warmth. When you feel like your sky is cracking and the entire world is running from you as...
Keyword: 90's , cute , demil lovato , funny , harry potter , marianas trench , meme , memes , miley cyrus , music , rant , sarcasm , the cab , victorious Sir Bitch-O-Lot
Sir Bitch-O-Lot is like 20-something Andy Rooney...only funny. He spends his days watching the crazy mess this world is in and tries to bring some humor into. Politics, entertainment, daily situations--everything is fair game.
Keyword: conservative , entertainment , humor , liberal , libertarian , politics , sarcasm The Anti-Social Primer
The Anti-Social Primer featuring tutorials on how to become Anti-Social and stay Anti-Social.
Keyword: anti , anti-social , anti-social , decss , decss downloads , how-to , how-to , mpaa sucks , sarcasm , social , tutorial , tutorials

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