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1 2 3 What Is This Happiness Thing And How Can I Be It?
Your #1 source for mediocre advice, extremely average humor, and one great looking man. Stop by, have a laugh or two.
Keyword: blog , creative , humor , sarcasm , satire , sketch The Liberal Grouch Wants You Conservative Kids Off His Lawn
Keeping an eye on the Right Wing scalawags, handing out spankings like lollypops on Halloween. Also, tweaking the noses of those pesky liberal babies who are whining that things aren't moving fast enough. Keeping an eye on the Right Wing scalawags, handing out spankings like lollypops on Halloween. Also, tweaking the noses of those pesky liberal babies who are whining that things aren't moving fast enough.
Keyword: democrat , humor , left wing , liberal , news , news , obama , opinion , political , politics , progressive , pundit , romney , satire , satirist Politically Incorrect Fun Comedy Satire Laughs Jokes Right Wing
Most political comedians are liberal who poke mercilessly at the political right. This site reverses that and offers right-leaning folks some long overdue satirical comedy.
Keyword: comedy , humor , jokes , laughs , politically incorrect , republican , right politics , satire Humor All The Way
We offer clean humor, jokes, satire, for entertainment, relaxation, smile and laughter and relief against depression, anxiety, stress, frustration.
Keyword: cartoon , comedy , enjoyment , entertainment , happiness , humor , jest , joke , joy , relaxation , relief , satire , satisfaction The Twisted Times | Real Fake News - Political & Social Satire, Merciless
The Twisted Times - Zany, Provocative, Entertaining and Utterly Irreverent featuring Real Fake News, Political and Social Satire, Merciless Parody, Wanton Lampooning and Unabashed Lunacy
Keyword: fake news , political satire India Satire - Digvijay Singh Fan Club
Clean news satire, sarcasm, humour, fun and parody blog portal. Politicians, Business Tycoons, Bollywood Celebrities, Cricketers, Prominent Personalities and more. India's direct link to entertainment and humor.
Keyword: bollywood fun , india satire , news satire , political humor Newsfox - Satire And Spoofs For The Uk And Us | Spoof News For The Masses
Spoof and satirical news for the UK and US, covering politics, sport and showbiz.
Keyword: funny , politics , satire , spoof , us Truthfeast
An intensely cynical geopolitical blog written by an atheist curmudgeon author.
Keyword: america , atheist , geopolitical , iran , israel , middle east , oil , satire , syria , war Deep Brain Media
News, Views, Opinions, Satire and Tomfoolery, written by a brain-damaged liberal idiot who thinks he is smarter than you are. Hah!
Keyword: news , opinions , satire , views The Not So Middle Path
the not so middle path
Keyword: blog , fiction , funny , non-fiction , poetry , political , sad , satire , serious , surfing , web log , weblog , writing The Northern Star - Jokes, News, Gadgets, Gift Ideas And Much More
Funny jokes, weird news, gift ideas, science, bizarre behavior, legends and myths, and of course, lots of knee slapping humor, can be found in The Northern Star. We now accept guest submissions.
Keyword: bizarre , free magazine , gifts , health , humor , jokes , mysterious , myths , news , satire , science , strange , trends Thought For Today | Funny Thought For The Day - Wit, Humour And Satire
Funny thought for the day - humour, satire, spoof and wit. Including How Not to Be Negative, Increase Your Watercooler Power, Almost Topical and more
Keyword: funny thought for the day , humor , humorous , humorous thought for the day , satire , thought for the day , thought of the day Kim Jong-Un And His Lucky English Language, North Korean World Of Fun!
Bravely Bringing Fun to an Enjoyment Deprived People, by Order of the Commissariat of Enjoyment. Those not enjoying subject to severe punishment.
Keyword: humor , north korea , satire Www.Macdonrod.Com
Read this humorous story, this political satire and political comedy, and meet many colorful and eccentric characters - The Bearded One, Didi Damin, Borrock Sobama, David Chipperfield, Sir Solomon Pushdee.
Keyword: candidates presidential , humor , humorous stories , political comedy , political humor , political satire , satire , sobama Pub Punctuation
A tribute to the enduring typographical madness of the British pub sign
Keyword: pub , punctuation , satire

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