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Working to make a better human and thus a better world to live in. Doing our best for the suvival of mankind.
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True crime, government corruption, social services/cps corruption, political news and opinions...
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Sai Sanmarga Dharmalayam, a social welfare organization in India provides social work community service and programs for poor people, young widows and pregnant women.Contribute your donation to Sai Sanmarga Dharmalayam charitable trust for social welfare p
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Center for Social Services Research at the UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare: Research for the Advancement of Social Services; we provide research publications and resources for social issues, including family and child welfare, to inform policymakers,
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Social Workers, exercise your sense of humor and your career options.
Keyword: burned out , burnout , fried social worker , humor , inspiration , social work career , social worker , social workers Help The Poor To Drink Clean Water!..The Poorest Of The Poor is the kindest action doing on hleping 25 family to get one well in the village or coummunity. It's working to promote using clean water, life to live at the remote areas-in Cambodian
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