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Products for sexy bondage and erotic restraint. Exclusive Bondage Scene Sets. High quality restraints, silk sashes & blindfolds, leather cuffs, silicone ball gags, bondage lingerie, vibrators & lubricants. Bondage University.
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The DecalogueTM was developed by Domenico Lepore & Oded Cohen. It unifies into a conceptual and operational whole W. Edward Deming�s Theory of Profound Knowledge and Eliyahu Goldratt�s Theory of Constraints. It has been successfully implemented in a wide r
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A New Home For Like Minded Stoners
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PEGXCO.COM: Pegxco: Home Of The Spotter Club-Tm
The pegxco spotter club is a unique club designed to assist all golfers at the golf coarse, driving range and the putt-putt coarse. The club allow the golfer to pick the ball up and place the ball on the tee without bending your knees.
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WWW.PEGXCO.COM Electronic Instrument Research - Manufacturer Of Precision Laser Extensometers
Laser Extensometers for non-contact strain measurement in materials testing applications.
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Biofin Laboratories is an italian company involved in fermentation technology, semi-synthesis technologies and corresponding basic engineering.
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