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whatswrongwithlifethesedays.blogspot.com: What's Wrong With Life These Days?!
What's Wrong With Life These Days?! is a blog for all girls to get advice, laughter, and fun. Going on this blog is like visiting your BFF. Visit this awesome blog today!
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4thinkingteens.blogspot.com: 4 Thinking Teens
Helpful advice for teens and parents. I help teens make better decisions in life. My advice is truthful, frank, wholesome, and practical.
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gaystudentcenter.student.com: Gay Teens, Gay Students, Gay College Students, Gay Studentcenter, Gay Teen ...
Gay Student Center. For gay teens and gay college students. Specifically for gay, lesbian, and bisexual college students, high school students, and teens.
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teens.aol.com: Ask Dear Dee, Your Big Sis For Advice
Dating, friends, parents, school... this online big sis answers your questions and gives advice about typical teen problems.
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teenadvice.about.com: Teen Advice - Advice And Community For Teens
Get help and advice about teen dating, teen love, teen sex and teen relationships. Learn how to deal with your friends, your teachers, your mom and dad and school bullies. Ask questions, voice your opinions and meet other teenagers on About's Teen Advice w
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