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This website features the writing and music of Thomas L. Mowbray, and the artwork of L. Allen Mowbray.
Keyword: music , theology Some Ramblings Of A Sane Man?
Short ramblings on life and philosophy for you to ponder and digest.
Keyword: life , man , philosophies , philosophy , ponder , question , ramblings , sane , some , theism , theist , theology , theories , theory , uncle Ars Disputandi - The Online Journal For Philosophy Of Religion
Ars Disputandi is the first online journal for the philosophy of religion. AD provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and arguments and promotes research of issues in the philosophy of religion.
Keyword: epistemology , metaphysics , philosophy of religion , theology Philofreligion
A website devoted to philosophy of religion in the analytical tradition. The site includes papers by Dr. Michael Sudduth on religious epistemology, theism, and Reformed philosophical theology. There are also teaching resources and links to other related si
Keyword: alvin plantinga , evidentialism , michael sudduth , natural theology , philosophy of religion , reformed epistemology , theism O Theophilus | Christian Theological Debate Among Friends
A medium for Christian Theological debate among small town friends in Southeast Texas - Mainpage.
Keyword: bible , christian , debate , friends , gospel , jesus christ , southeast , texas , theology , theophilus

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