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katanasolutions.ca: Katana I.T. Solutions
Katana Solutions - Business I.T. Solutions
Keyword: consulting , data backup , internet , linux , microsoft office , phone lines , security , server , unix , voip , wifi , windows 7

cybersoft.com: Cybersoft | Makers Of Linux And Unix Anti Virus Computer Security Products
CyberSoft, UNIX antivirus, Linux AntiVirus, Mac OS X Antivirus, computer security toolkit, cryptography, self-healing technology, baseline control, meta-data analysis, pattern analysis
Keyword: computer security toolkit , cryptography , cybersoft , linux antivirus , mac os x antivirus , unix antivirus

linux-consultancy.com: Linux Consultancy
Linux Consultancy & Linux Support for Unix based operating systems, ranging from LAMP server installation & migration to planning and deploying fully redundant load balanced cloud solutions. We are a UK based company that specialise in Linux.
Keyword: consultancy , linux , unix

lindonslog.com: Lindons Log | Scientific Computing And Programming
An MPhys student's logged learning journey through scientific computing. An accessible practicale guide to linux from a physics student's perspective
Keyword: commands , computational , linux , programming , scientific computing , tutorial , unix

network-computer-info.blogspot.com: Networking How To And Info-Intro To Network Tech
A weblog from written by the network technician's and programmers at ARIN Org DD-49 Dylfab Computer Networks. Coving mainly network and Linux topics.
Keyword: bsd , dd-49 , faq , guides , how-to , hub , ipv6 , linux , protocol , request for comments , rfc , router , switch , unix

madore.org: Great Names In Computer Science
A (pretty arbitrary) list of important people in computer science
Keyword: computer science , computers , famous people , history , unix

foxpa.ws: Foxpa.Ws
foxpa.ws brings you short articles and mini-HOWTOs on a wide array of topics ranging from UNIX administration to penetration testing and much more!
Keyword: linux , networking , security , unix , xen

feedproxy.google.com: Freebsd - The Unknown Giant
FreeBSD related news, development and releases
Keyword: freebsd , pc-bsd , server operating system , unix

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