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werewolves.gr: Werewolves Hellenic Paintball Mil/Sim Team
Werewolves Hellenic Paintball Mil/Sim Team
Keyword: hellenic , mil/sim , paintball , werewolves

bitememagazine.com: Bite Me Magazine
If you like vampires, the supernatural and things that go bump in the night, Bite me is the magazine for you. Bite me is the UK's only glossy magazine for horror fans, discerning vampirologists and wannabe ghostbusters everywhere.
Keyword: bram stoker , demons , dracula , frankenstein , ghosts , ghouls , gothic , spooks , vampires , vlad the impaler , werewolves , witches

allaboutwerewolves.tripod.com: All About Werewolves
hey are you a werewolf but noone belives you? are you these fake n phony human sites supposed to be telling about werewolves get in you up? well come onhere im a real werewolf here i tell the REAL stuff about us because i experience.
Keyword: chat , werewolves

ilovewerewolves.com: I Love Werewolves
Werewolf stories, fact and fiction about werewolves and vampires. First hand accounts of the myths, legends, and folklore, of the werewolf. Also learn about shapeshiting and transformations.
Keyword: facts , fiction , myths , other kin , shape shifters , werewolf , werewolves

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